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Distribution network integrated operation optimization management based on Network Reconfiguration Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.079


Xinyong Fu, Pingzhen Shao, Haizhu Luo

Corresponding Author

Xinyong Fu


A distribution network planning simulation platform is designed, which integrates the functions of distribution network simulation, planning evaluation and Web publishing and displaying. Firstly, each component model of distribution network is designed to simulate the operation state of distribution network, and the planning scheme is verified by simulation. Secondly, the reliability and economy of the planning scheme of regional power network are evaluated by using data from data center. Finally, on the basis of traditional distribution network planning and evaluation methods, the location and scale of new energy access, such as photovoltaic and wind power, are analyzed to assess the impact of various schemes on the new energy absorption capacity and the intermittent high permeability of new energy on the security and stability of distribution network. The evaluation results of distribution network are displayed by Web. The practice results show that the simulation software of distribution network planning research improves the information level and work efficiency of distribution network planning of Institute of Economics and Research, and has good generalization.


Networking; distribution network; operation; optimization; simulation