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Discussion on the Construction of Computer Image Scene Based on Virtual Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.077


Yang Ling

Corresponding Author

Yang Ling


Compared with the traditional graphic method to construct virtual scene, the image-based rendering technology in recent years has the rendering quality of the real scene. The algorithm complexity is only related to the image resolution, and it has become a research focus. In this paper, through the study of the principle of stereoscopic vision, a panoramic stitching algorithm based on vertical edge processing is proposed. The matching features of the samples are highlighted by the main vertical edges to avoid local optimum. A uniform circular trajectory image sequence method is proposed, which makes image acquisition easy. The fixed acceleration is rotated around the fixed center in the horizontal plane to take photos, and the light information of the points in the horizontal plane is collected, which has a three-dimensional effect.


Virtual scene; baseline; panorama