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Design of power multi-channel data acquisition system

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.076


Huo Fuguang, Hang Shuai, Wang Yiding, Cao Chuang, Ding Zushan, Zhang Bin, Huang Yanqing

Corresponding Author

Huo Fuguang


Data acquisition refers to the automatic acquisition of non-electric or electric signals from sensors and other devices to be tested and sent to the upper computer for analysis and processing, mainly for data acquisition, storage, processing and control. In modern industrial production, more and more sensor signals need to be collected and processed in real time at the same time. The main technical indicators of data acquisition module, such as sampling rate, resolution, input voltage range, control mode and anti-interference ability, are also increasingly demanded. A new data acquisition system that can realize multi-channel, multi-range signal acquisition and power supply will greatly facilitate signal acquisition and sensor field use. This paper presents a data acquisition system based on high-speed and multi-channel synchronous acquisition of power grid signals. MAX125 is the core of analog-to-digital converter and TMS320LF2407A is the core of data processing operate AD.


MAX125; TMS320LF2407A; 74ACT139; 74HC245