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Display Application of Risk Control of Power Grid Operation Based on VR/AR Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/AISCT.2019.074


Qiwei Peng, Xiaoling Jin, Changqing Xu, Dan Lu

Corresponding Author

Qiwei Peng


With the improvement of the current demand for power supply quality, the number of equipment to be maintained in the power network is increasing. However, in recent years, the repeated safety accidents have highlighted the importance of power network risk control. It is an innovative measure of power grid risk control to let operators truly feel the risks of power grid operation and maintenance through display. Visualization technology is widely used because of its interactive nature, and it also has application in the display system of power grid operation risk control in recent years; but the original 2D virtual experiment teaching system has such shortages as colorless test effect, unitary man-machine interactive way, unintelligent system and so on; therefore, this paper puts forward the application of VR/AR technology, introducing efficient Unity3D game engine and innovating display applications, to provide a reference for power grid operation risk control display.


VR/AR technology; display application; risk control