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Research on Current Situations and Countermeasures for Youth Network Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.073


Shan Hu

Corresponding Author

Shan Hu


Youth network culture is an emerging thing in the Internet age, with common characteristics of culture under the influence of the Internet. Youth network culture is combined with the latest technology and represents the latest development trend of youth culture and lifestyle. This study combines the method of literature study, interview and case analysis, etc, takes "the status quo of youth network culture, the cause analysis of youth network culture, and the countermeasures of youth network culture development" as the main line and main content of the research on youth network culture in the new era, and provides a new theoretical perspective and reference for the research on youth culture theoretically. In practice, it is feasible to provide a useful reference for the youth group's thinking and behavior guidance by understanding the mentality of the youth groups in a multicultural context.


Youth, network culture, present situations, countermeasures