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Analysis and Cultivation of the Current Situation of the Comprehensive Quality of Art Professionals in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.069


Wang Jingshuang, Niu Linlin

Corresponding Author

Wang Jingshuang


In recent years, with the enrollment of a large number of art majors across the country, the employment problem of art majors has become extremely important, so improving the overall quality of art students has become an important task for colleges and universities. The comprehensive quality ability of college students is not only related to the students' own interests, but also plays an important role in the social evaluation of the school. In this paper, using data mining and decision tree algorithm, the decision tree classification model of college students' comprehensive quality is established. Through the classification rules generated by the model, the key factors affecting the comprehensive quality ability are found. The comprehensive quality analysis system of college students is designed and used. The status quo of the comprehensive quality of art professionals was analyzed. Finally, the paper puts forward the ways to train the comprehensive quality of art professionals in colleges and universities.


Comprehensive quality, art major, college