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Research on the Current Situation and Thinking of Rural Inclusive Finance Development in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.062


Chen Yanyu, Li Jingfei, and Liu Jiaxin

Corresponding Author

Chen Yanyu


The concept of Inclusive Finance originated from the United Nations Microfinance Summit in 2005. It refers to the construction of a financial system that can effectively and comprehensively provide services to all sectors and groups of society. Its goal is to support vulnerable groups and achieve their own sustainable development. In promoting the development plan of Inclusive Finance, the State Council pointed out that inclusive finance refers to providing appropriate and effective financial services for all social classes and groups with financial service needs at affordable cost based on the requirements of equal opportunities and the principle of business sustainability. According to the author's understanding, Inclusive Finance has two connotations: (1) universality, that is, the extension of financial services and financial system extends to peasants, small and micro enterprises, urban low-income groups, disabled people, the elderly and other service objects; and (2) benefiting the people, that is, all regions and social groups with different levels of financial needs can be timely and effective. Access to reasonable prices, convenient and safe financial services, so as to improve the economic situation.


New Period, Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas, Current Situation and Development