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The Challenge of Information Technology to Accounting

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.058


Xuedong Wang

Corresponding Author

Xuedong Wang


At present, the speed of social information development is faster and faster. It can be said that all walks of life are affected by the development of information technology, accounting industry cannot be immune. Accounting industry informatization mainly refers to the use of modern information technology to rebuild the traditional accounting model, and on the basis of reconstruction of modern accounting, the establishment of information technology and accounting highly integrated modern information system. In the current accounting industry, computerization has basically realized information, which is also the inevitable trend of the future development of accounting industry. Therefore, in the era of information, we also need to constantly improve the information quality of accounting practitioners, in order to better promote the progress and development of the accounting industry. This provides a certain value and space for the research of this paper. Based on the rapid development of informatization, the purpose of this study is to use qualitative research method, literature research method, case analysis method and interview method to understand the current situation of enterprise informatization construction and accounting work. This paper analyzes the challenge of information technology to accounting work, puts forward the corresponding improvement measures, and puts forward the corresponding opinions and methods to promote the development of accounting industry.


Information Technology, Accounting Informatization, Qualitative Research Method, Accounting Work