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A Brief Analysis and Application of Bourdieu's Field Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.051


Cai Dong, Xia Fan, Sun Xintian

Corresponding Author

Cai Dong


The concept “field”in Bourdieu's Field Theory is a useful meso-concept. In the study of psychology, sociology and organization, the importance of field as a middle-level analytical unit has been fully recognized. However, the research on social security prevention and control mostly focuses on the top-level macro-design or micro-practical operation. There are some problems such as inadequate research perspective and insufficient understanding of value. This paper attempts to use Bourdieu's Field Theory as a medium-level analysis tool to some social managements, such as ideological construction, virtual space management and supervision of public opinion. Research will enable social governance activities to have a more solid foundation of public opinion and stronger scientific support.


Bourdieu's Field Theory, Element Deconstruction, Application of Social Management