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The Influence of Children's Psychological and Physiological Development on Kindergarten Interior Design

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.049


Zhang Min

Corresponding Author

Zhang Min


The space design of a kindergarten is related to the development of children's psychology and phys-iology. The quality of kindergarten space and environment is important to the healthy growth of children - a special group, and should be attached enough importance. Firstly, based on the deep understanding of the physical and mental features of the children, this paper, from the real discov-ery of the problems in the kindergarten, meticulously observes and analyzes the kindergarten envi-ronment. Then it proposes the basic requirements and design principles of the kindergarten interior space, the analysis of the elements for the indoor space design of the kindergarten, and the methods for presenting design excellence.


Kindergarten, interior design, children psychology, children behavior