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Analysis on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Network New Media Talents Demand under the Background of Media Convergence--Based on empirical research of industry enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.044


Zhou Huan

Corresponding Author

Zhou Huan


The media pattern in the all-media era has changed. The barriers of traditional media and new media have broken into integration. The new media talents in the network have become “just-needed”, which has brought new opportunities and challenges to university media education. However, there are still contradictions between talent cultivation and market demand, including the conflict between the development of new media technology and the obsolete teaching model, the dilemma between cultural knowledge learning and technical ability training, and the conflict between Internet thinking and media literacy. Based on the empirical research on the new media talents of the industry and enterprises, this paper attempts to find out the countermeasures for the training of new media talents in the network, thus alleviating the contradiction between talent output and supply, and reducing the deviation between the media education and the actual needs of colleges and universities.


Media convergence, network new media talent, internet thinking