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Research on MMA Technology System of Taichi Push Hand

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.039


Weiqi Li

Corresponding Author

Weiqi Li


Chinese Wushu has a long history, extensive and profound. After several generations of unremitting efforts, Chinese Wushu has gained a very high reputation in the world. Among them, Taijiquan has an unparalleled influence, according to a survey released in 2007 by the National Center for Supplementary and Alternative Medicine, affiliated to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). According to the report, about 3 million people in the United States engage in Taijiquan, while in 2015 the number of Taijiquan practitioners worldwide reached 300 million. It can be said that Taijiquan is a business card of traditional Wushu. However, in recent years, several confrontations between Taijiquan and modern fighting have all ended in failure, which makes people think that the concept of Taijiquan has lagged behind the times. Therefore, we need a platform to rebuild people's confidence in Taijiquan boxing, and also to avoid the development of Taijiquan blindly emphasizing traditional culture and health preservation. After fighting, we should know that the soul of Wushu is fighting. Once Taijiquan leaves fighting, it is a water without source and a wood without foundation. Comprehensive Combat (MMA) is the hottest type of combat at present. It follows the idea of Western pragmatism and the rule of open and inclusive, and its skill is undoubtedly high. If Taijiquan can participate in it, it can prove its fighting ability through the stage of comprehensive fighting first. Secondly, the huge market crowd of comprehensive fighting will promote the development of Taijiquan to another height. However, if Taijiquan athletes want to participate in the field of comprehensive fighting and want to show the technical concept of Taijiquan in the open competition of comprehensive fighting, they should first clarify the technical concept and general style of comprehensive fighting and the theory of Taijiquan, so as to carry out technical movement training targeted. And tactical arrangements. This paper studies the development of Taijiquan boxing theory and the formation of MMA technology in UFC competition, and explores the possibility of incorporating Taijiquan technology into MMA technology system through their commonalities.


Taijiquan, Skills, UFC, MMA