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Research on the Influence of Family Housing Loan on Married Women's Labor Participation

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.029


Zhang Lipan, Peng Jingyi, Zhang Zhengjie

Corresponding Author

Zhang Zhengjie


This paper studies the female labor participation rate from the perspective of household housing loans, and empirically tests the impact of household housing loans on female labor participation by using the data of China Household Financial Survey (CHFS). The results of the study show that family housing loans increase the possibility of female women's labor participation and employment, and the greater the total amount of home loans and the monthly repayments, the greater the promotion of female labor participation; The high-asset group found that as the income of the asset group increases, the labor participation rate of women will experience an increase and then the impact will not be significant. Furthermore, the improvement of family housing loans has a significant impact on the participation of workers aged 20-30, living in the East and west, having children in the family, being party members in political outlook and being educated.


Housing loans, Married women, Labor participation