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Frontier and Evolution of Cognitive Neuroscience Based on Cognitive Psychology

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.026


Lv Suwen

Corresponding Author

Lv Suwen


In the 1950s and 1960s, with the joint efforts of psychologist George Miller, linguist Chomsky, Turing Award winner Newell, and artificial intelligence expert Herbert Simon, cognitive science Initial formation. In the late 1970s, George Miller and Gazaniga jointly proposed “cognitive neuroscience.” The theoretical foundation of cognitive science is based on experimental psychology, neuropsychology and neuroscience, and cognitive science and neuroscience are initially integrated. The application of functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography, magneto encephalography and positron emission tomography has greatly promoted the development of cognitive neuroscience. Cognitive neuroscience has attracted great attention from all over the world. The United States took the lead in launching the “Ten Years of Brain” research program. Subsequently, the European Community, Japan and other developed countries successively launched large-scale research programs such as the “Brain Science Program” and the “International Human Frontier Science Program”. Cognitive neuroscience has become an important frontier field for scientific competition in developed countries.


Cognitive psychology, Cognitive nerve, Frontier of science, Evolutionary research