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The High Adversity of Commerce in Su Shi's Relevant Poems and Its Contemporary Enlightenment

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.025


Jing Su

Corresponding Author

Jing Su


Su Shi, known as the master of Chinese traditional culture, has made outstanding achievements in the fields of poetry, calligraphy, painting and other arts. His attitude toward life with ease of advance and retreat, spoiling and humiliating, persistent life and transcendent and broad-minded realm of life have become a paradigm admired by future generations of literati, which is more suiTable for scholars when they suffer frustrations. In today's era full of adversity, the success or failure of people's career and the achievement of life depend not only on people's intelligence quotient and emotional quotient, but also, to a certain extent, on people's adversity quotient (setback quotient).Psychologists believe that in the case of IQ and EQ are similar to others, anti-business (frustration) plays a decisive role in a person's career success. Su Shi’s attitude towards life and the high realm of life not only provide reference for ancient scholars, but also give inspiration to the contemporary world. It has become a model for contemporary people to emulate, while cultivating the life of a wise man, thinking about modern life, and seeking a way to place one's own soul in the ever-changing impetuous world.


Su Shi, Rejection Poetry, Adverse Commerce, Contemporary Enlightenment