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Talking about the Demand of the Grass-roots Procuratorates for Legal Secretarial Professionals in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.023


Liu Sha

Corresponding Author

Liu Sha


The purpose of training talents for legal secretary major in higher vocational colleges is to train high-quality technical legal talents for the society. On the basis of “cooperation between schools and prosecutors”, Hunan Judicial Police College has made a preliminary discussion on the needs of grassroots procuratorates for legal secretarial professionals in higher vocational colleges. It mainly analyzes the changes in the demand of legal secretarial talents in higher vocational colleges after the reform of judicial system, summarizes the predicament of the cultivation of professional talents in higher vocational legal secrets, and tries to find a way out for the training of professional secretarial professionals.


The Public Prosecutor's Office, Legal secretary, Personnel training