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Based on the “Internet +” background of the construction of universities and martyrs cemetery and the assistance mechanism of martyrs survivors

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.022


Yu Wenqian

Corresponding Author

Yu Wenqian


Red culture is a special cultural body with political, economic and cultural values at the same time. In the process of developing and disseminating red culture, we should give full play to the Ideological Penetration of red culture. Improving red education on campus is an effective carrier for strengthening and improving the combination of Ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities under the new situation, extracurricular social practice of College students, and cultivation and practice of socialist core values.It is necessary to use the new media and new technologies in the context of “Internet +” to make the work alive, to promote the traditional integration of ideological and political work and information technology, and to enhance the sense of the times and the attraction.” The whole society further promotes the spirit of martyrs and builds the core values of socialism. An important task of the system. In this red land, countless heroes and children have made tremendous sacrifices to establish and defend this country, and have made immortal feats for the party and the people. In the new historical environment, build fairness. The harmonious assistance mechanism, the analysis of the assistance process, and the improvement of the support system reflect the party and the state's concern for this group.


“Internet +”, University, martyrs cemetery, martyrs' survivors