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Upgrading and Optimizing Strategies of Tourism Marking System in Scenic Spots: A Case Study of Suzhou

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.017


Niu Wei

Corresponding Author

Niu Wei


Nowadays, with the development of contemporary society and economy, the living standard of the general public has been effectively improved. People are pursuing material and spiritual enjoyment at the same time. The tourism industry has also developed and expanded. The market of the tourism industry is getting hotter and hotter, so we need to do more in this field. Basic work. It should be known that the tourist sign system in scenic spots, which is in great demand in the park, can effectively help tourists play a guiding role in the tour, and is a “compass”. The tourist sign system in scenic spots greatly improves the tourists'sense of experience. Based on the actual situation of tourist attractions in Suzhou, this paper elaborates the status quo of tourist attractions identification system in this area, and analyses the problems existing in tourist attractions identification system, and puts forward effective and feasible relevant solutions, which are conducive to the better development of tourist attractions in Suzhou in the future.


Scenic Area Tourism Identification System, Upgrading and Optimizing Strategy, Suzhou Tourism Scenic Area, Guiding System