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Study on Landscape Construction and Construction of Tourism Tea Garden Based on Local Tea Culture in Guangxi

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.016


Ma Rui

Corresponding Author

Ma Rui


The social industry is following the continuous development of modernization, and the improvement of economic level makes the economic model of agricultural eco-tourism industry innovate constantly, in order to make people feel better, to experience our tea culture in the process of sightseeing, and to make the profound culture be seen and inherited by people. Nowadays, the landscape construction and construction of eco-tea garden has become a popular form of tourism. Different cities in China are also actively providing advice and support for leisure sightseeing tea garden landscape. Taking Guangxi as an example, this paper takes the local tea culture of Guangxi as the theme of landscape construction of sightseeing tea garden, studies the human landscape, the layout and design of tea garden landscape, in order to contribute to the design of ecological tea garden in China, and make optimization and management.


Ecological tea garden in Guangxi, sightseeing landscape design, research,