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Research on the Mechanism of Trust Mechanism Influencing Community Residents' Relations and Mutual Assistance

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.014


Li Zhiqiang

Corresponding Author

Li Zhiqiang


Trust has always been the most basic ethical norm for human interaction in China for 5000 years. In dealing with the relationship among community residents, we should also follow the basic principle of trust, reform and improve the internal relationship of community residents'lives through a series of scientific investigation and research means, analyze and deal with the daily trust situation of residents reasonably, and promote and maintain the harmony among community residents by a large margin. Reasonable friendly exchanges, and accompanied by more harmonious relations to deal with. Like trust in the general sense, mutual assistance between communities should also be based on mutual trust, so as to strengthen the friendly relationship between communities.


Community trust, resident relationship, impact mechanism