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Research on the Design of the External Environment of Pension Institutions Based on the Needs of the Elderly

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.009


Dong Tiexin

Corresponding Author

Dong Tiexin


At present, the problem of population aging has become one of the most urgent problems to be solved in China. At the present stage of China's aging population, the elderly people's pension needs have become one of the main social contradictions. Rationalized environmental design has become the goal for the elderly to choose social pension institutions. However, China's related pension institutions generally have some problems, such as poor environmental conditions, relatively backward supporting facilities, lack of independent external space, which are not conducive to improving the living environment of the elderly. In view of this, this article from the physiological, psychological and behavioral aspects, analysis of the current behavior habits of the elderly. On this basis, from four aspects of walking space design, outdoor fitness zone design, entertainment space design and social space design, this paper studies the external environment design of pension institutions in order to provide theoretical guidance for the environmental design of institutions.


Elderly people, Pension institutions, External environment design, Research