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A Study on the Psychology of Slow Employment of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.006


Jiang Shengfeng, Jiang Lei

Corresponding Author

Jiang Shengfeng


With the continuous development of society, the employment situation of college graduates is becoming more and more serious. In this context, more and more graduates do not choose employment or entrepreneurship after graduation, but choose “slow employment”. Although “slow employment” has both advantages and disadvantages, with the continuous growth of the number of “slow employment”, it has caused certain pressure for society and students. Therefore, based on the analysis of the definition of “slow employment” and its practical manifestation, this paper analyses the reasons for the existence of “slow employment” mentality of college students, and puts forward corresponding countermeasures to avoid the “slow employment” mentality of College students, so as to provide theoretical support for colleges and society.


College Students, Slow employment, Psychology, Countermeasure