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Research on Bullying in Minority Ethnic Campus from the Perspective of Psychological Capital

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.005


A Na Ruan Xiangying

Corresponding Author

A Na Ruan Xiangying


With the popularity of the Internet, many campus bullying have gradually begun to emerge, and the majority of people have invested a lot of attention in campus violence. Therefore, the relevant government departments have issued relevant laws and regulations to govern the practice of bullying on campus. However, the effect is relatively small. Based on this, this paper takes campus bullying in ethnic minority areas as an example, and further analyzes the specific form of campus bullying practice in the perspective of psychological capital, and deeply studies the causes of campus violence. On this basis, it proposes management and prevention of campus bullying. Suggested countermeasures for practice.


Psychological capital, minority, School bullying, Study