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On the IELTS Writing Problems of Chinese Students from the Perspective of English Backwash Effect of National Matriculation English Test

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.004


Liao Xiaofan

Corresponding Author

Liao Xiaofan


At present, IELTS has become a key way for Chinese students to study abroad. With China’s economic development and people’s increasing prosperity, more and more Chinese students choose to study abroad, which to some extent has also led to hot IELTS in China. However, the average IELTS score of Chinese students in 2018 is only 5.72, which can not help but arouse our thinking. The backwash effect of National Matriculation English Test (NMET) on English teaching and training in China also affects students’ performance in IELTS to a great extent. This paper will analyze the impact of the backwash effect on Chinese students’ IELTS writing based on the differences between NMET writing and IELTS writing, and explore ways to improve it, so as to provide corresponding ideas for Chinese students to improve their IELTS scores.


The National Matriculation English Test, backwash effect, Chinese students, IELTS writing, cultural differences between China and Britain