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Research on New Requirements and Countermeasures of International Trade for Business English Learners Based on Market Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/cstss.2019.002


Xiangfei Li

Corresponding Author

Xiangfei Li


With the acceleration of economic globalization, business exchanges among enterprises in various countries are becoming more frequent. Due to the specialty and multidisciplinary nature of trade, ordinary English has been unable to meet the needs of trade exchanges. Trade conferences, trade negotiations and other activities require specialized business English translators to participate. In this case, it is of great significance to improve the efficiency of business English communication. Because of the professionalism and scientificity of trade itself, it is difficult for ordinary English to meet the needs of communication, so some specialized English translators are needed in necessary occasions. In international trade negotiations, the use of business English must be properly and reasonably handled, so as to promote the smooth development of international trade. China's personnel engaged in foreign trade must master business English communication skills and improve business English communication skills, thus effectively improving the success rate of international trade.


Business English, Trade, Globalization, Communication Skills