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Construction of Enterprise Training Model Reform and Evaluation System Based on Practice Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.058


Li Xue, Zhu Peng

Corresponding Author

Li Xue


Practical teaching training is an effective way to consolidate theoretical knowledge, enhance practical ability and cultivate staff's innovative ability. Aiming at the problems of weak practice teaching, single teaching means and lack of training effect evaluation system in the process of staff training in nuclear power enterprises, in order to cultivate high-quality skilled personnel, this paper puts forward some suggestions on improving enterprise technology training from the aspects of teacher team building, training mode reform, teaching quality evaluation and improving training mechanism. The measures of training effectiveness emphasize the important role of practice in the training process. Finally, according to the actual situation of training and teaching in this unit, the evaluation index system of training effect is constructed.


Teacher Training, Teaching Evaluation, Effect Evaluation, Practical Teaching