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Reflections on Strengthening and Improving Teacher Education in Local Colleges and Universities in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.055


Qian Yan, Qian Shuang

Corresponding Author

Qian Yan


Education is the foundation of a strong country, and teachers are the foundation of a strong education. The Party and the government have always attached great importance to teacher education. With the introduction of a series of documents, the construction of teachers has been raised to an unprecedented height. Faced with the new requirements of the new era, how to examine the current teacher education and how to construct the new teacher education system is a major issue that needs to be faced directly. And this problem is more urgent for the local colleges and universities which are trained as normal students. This topic combines the investigation of teachers' education specialty in many universities to study the development path of teachers' Education Specialty in local universities in the new era.


New Period, Local Colleges and Universities, Teacher Education Major, Development Path