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Development Strategies on Vocational Education for E-commerce Major

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.046


Chi Tang

Corresponding Author

Chi Tang


The development of e-commerce is changing with each passing day, but there is a serious shortage of e-commerce talents, which poses a huge challenge to the education and teaching of e-commerce. As the main position for the training of skilled talents, vocational education has unique advantages in cultivating e-commerce talents. Based on the investigation and research, this paper deeply analyzes the demand level and knowledge and skills of e-commerce talents. According to the problems existing in e-commerce professional vocational education, this paper puts forward the development strategy of e-commerce professional vocational education to help e-commerce professional vocational education reform. The specific strategies include: the school curriculum system highlights the professionalism and applicability of e-commerce, continuously improves teaching methods and teaching methods, and builds a high-quality faculty team that meets the characteristics of vocational education, to highlight the specific status of school-enterprise cooperation in personnel training. Of course, we must also explore a new model of e-commerce professional practice teaching.


E-commerce major, vocational education, development strategies, demand level, existing problems, knowledge and skills