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Research on Development Model of Internationalization at Home for Applied Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.045


Yi Sun

Corresponding Author

Yi Sun


As an emerging concept of internationalization of higher education, internationalization at home provides students with the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural and international affairs on campus. It has the basic characteristics of local culture, group inclusiveness and international education environment. In view of the development dilemma of applied university education internationalization, this paper draws on the world's advanced educational concepts, models and methods, and combines the actual needs of education internationalization, and puts forward the development model of applied universities in the internationalization at home of the country, including the following eight aspects: Internationalization of educational concepts, internationalization of training objectives, internationalization of educational systems, internationalization of educational environment, internationalization of curriculum systems, internationalization of teaching staff, internationalization of exchanges and cooperation, and internationalization of teaching management.


Applied universities, internationalization at home, development dilemma, current demand, development model