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Teaching Reform on Computer Basic Course Based on Blended Teaching Model

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.044


Yingjian Lin

Corresponding Author

Yingjian Lin


The blended teaching mode is applied to the teaching of computer basic courses. It can innovate the traditional teaching mode, realize the dual-subject teaching, improve the comprehensive quality of teachers, implement the policy of teaching students according to their aptitude, and meet the needs of students at different levels. Based on constructivist theory, humanistic theory and teaching interaction theory, this paper aims at the problems existing in the teaching of computer basic courses, combined with the author's many years of computer basic course teaching practice, from teaching objectives, teaching content, teaching resources, teaching process, In terms of practical teaching and teaching evaluation, specific reform measures are proposed to provide guidance for the teaching reform of computer basic courses based on the blended teaching mode, improve students' computer application skills and promote the formation of computational thinking.


Blended teaching, computer basic course, theoretical basis, existing problems, teaching reform