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Implementing Approach on English Teaching in the Perspective of Cross-culture

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.043


Wenlan Zhao, Ping Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenlan Zhao


Cultural teaching is a long and complicated work, which runs through English teaching. English teaching from the cross-cultural perspective can break the cultural thinking stereotype of Chinese, strengthen the edification of students' English culture, improve the ability to identify the cultural differences between China and the west, and improve the cross-cultural communication ability. This paper is based on language competence theory, communicative competence theory, second language acquisition theory and intercultural communication theory, follows the basic principles of knowledge, comparison, tolerance, asymptotic, utility and absorption, and aiming at the problems existing in English teaching, puts forward the implementation path of English teaching from the cross-cultural perspective: Using cultural context to carry out English teaching; Breaking the thinking stereotype of Chinese language and culture; Creating a good campus culture learning atmosphere; Teaching the differences between Chinese and western culture; Constructing the training system of intercultural communication ability; Strengthening education in cultural awareness and self-confidence.


Cross-culture, English teaching, theoretical basis, basic principle, implementing approach