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Research on Backwash Effect of College Entrance Examination in English Teaching in the Perspective of Cross-culture

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.042


Ping Wang

Corresponding Author

Ping Wang


Language teaching and language testing have always been an inseparable whole, and both are indispensable. The college entrance examination test has a positive backwash effect on English teaching, which embodies the students' language foundation, improves the enthusiasm for learning English, and provides a fair evaluation standard. It also has a negative and positive backwash effect, which deviates from the essence of teaching and educating people. It does not meet the requirements of quality education and is not conducive to the cultivation of intercultural communication competence. From the perspective of cross-cultural, this paper puts forward suggestions for using the backwash of the college entrance examination to carry out English teaching, for example, adding cross-cultural content to English test questions, improving the validity of the English test for college entrance examinations, and correctly understanding the English college entrance examination. The results of this research are used to help reform English teaching and improve the quality of teaching.


Cross-culture, college entrance examination test, English teaching, backwash effect, proposals