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Inquiry Teaching Method and Its Application in College Tennis Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.041


Wenwei Jia

Corresponding Author

Wenwei Jia


Inquiring teaching, by changing the way of students learn, gives students more space to create a relaxed and pleasant teaching atmosphere, and guides students to construct new knowledge based on existing knowledge structures. Guided by the basic theory of inquiry teaching, this paper analyzes the main links of inquiry teaching. In order to improve the quality of tennis teaching, cultivate students' innovative ability and promote the development of tennis, this paper puts forward the application strategy of inquiry teaching method in college tennis teaching: Teachers use hierarchical teaching to set different teaching objectives, stimulate students' desire for independent inquiry, tap the potential of students' independent inquiry, provide teachers with necessary guidance and points, carry out active cooperation and appropriate competition.


Inquiry teaching method, tennis teaching, main links, application strategies