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Application on Information Technology in College Aerobics Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.040


Yanjie Li

Corresponding Author

Yanjie Li


Aerobics is a sport that is favorite and popular among the masses. It combines gymnastics, dance, music, fitness and entertainment. The traditional aerobics classroom teaching lacks vitality, the content is single, and the method is monotonous, which cannot meet the needs of students in the new era. The development and application of information technology has caused tremendous changes in all aspects from the educational concept to the educational process. The effective application of information technology in college aerobics teaching can fully compensate for the limitations of traditional teaching modes and make aerobics teaching more standardized, intuitive, comprehensive and effective. In order to improve the application effect, this paper proposes the following strategies: stimulating students' interest, enriching teaching forms, standardizing aerobics movements, building a network resource pool, and improving the information technology literacy of aerobics teachers.


Information technology, aerobics, teaching methods, application strategies