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Research and Application on College English Emotional Teaching in the Information Era

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.038


Hongxia Bian

Corresponding Author

Hongxia Bian


Emotional attitude is an important factor that affects students' learning and development, and information technology era needs more emotional teaching. At present, college English teaching does not pay attention to students' emotional characteristics, and students' anxiety, fear, tension, doubt and aversion and other emotional problems lack effective solutions. Based on the analysis of the positive and negative emotional factors affecting college English teaching, this paper puts forward specific application strategies to serve the reform of college English teaching. Using the research results of this paper, teachers should stimulate and cultivate students' positive emotions in English learning in the teaching process, enhance students' strong interest in learning English, enhance students' confidence in learning English, and improve the English teaching effect.


Information era, college English, emotional teaching, research and application