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Research on Applied Talents Training for College Japanese from the Prospective of Cross-cultural

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.037


Xiaohong Tang

Corresponding Author

Xiaohong Tang


With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more applied talents are needed, and they are more suitable for the development and needs of the times. Exchanges and contacts between different countries are becoming more frequent and there is a need to raise awareness and cultural sensitivity to different cultural differences. Based on the cross-cultural perspective, this paper, aiming at the existing problems in the training of college Japanese application-oriented talents, proposes the countermeasures of college Japanese applied talents training from the cross-cultural perspective to improve students' practical application ability of Japanese and intercultural communication ability, and provides solutions for the reform of college Japanese personnel training mode. Specific strategies include: to reconstruct the teaching mode of college Japanese, to improve the existing teaching materials, to build a perfect practical teaching system, to adopt the formative evaluation based on big data, to comprehensively deepen the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and to improve the cross-cultural ability by relying on the introduction of Japanese culture.


Cross-cultural, college Japanese, applied talents, training countermeasures