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Research on Evaluation System of Postgraduate English Practice Teaching in the Perspective of Core Literacy

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.036


Ying Li, Ping Wang

Corresponding Author

Ying Li


The lack of scientific and effective reference targets for postgraduate training is out of touch with the changes in market demand, and it is difficult to adapt to the needs of contemporary social information, globalization and knowledge economy. Improving the quality of graduate education is a prominent problem that needs to be solved urgently. Practical teaching is an effective way to consolidate theoretical knowledge and deepen understanding of theory. For the problems existing in postgraduate English practice teaching, with the core literacy as the guide, the "teaching goal, teaching process, teaching guarantee, teaching method, teaching effect and teaching feedback " are constructed the constitutes about a graduate English practice teaching evaluation system. Through this research, we will serve the reform of postgraduate English teaching and enhance the core literacy and comprehensive ability of graduate students.


Core literacy, postgraduate, English, practical teaching, evaluation system