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Research on Teaching Reform for Logistics Management Major under the Guidance of Intelligent Logistics

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.035


Xin Dong, Baogang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Xin Dong


Intelligent logistics requires skilled technical and management personnel who are proficient in automated logistics processes, big data analysis methods, and artificial intelligence. Intelligent logistics is the development direction, talent competition is the core competitiveness, and it is necessary to lead the logistics management major teaching reform with intelligent logistics. In view of the existing problems in the training of traditional logistics management professionals, combined with the demand for talents in the era of intelligent logistics, and on the basis of in-depth investigation and study of relevant literature, this paper puts forward the teaching reform plan of intelligent logistics leading the major of logistics management: To reconstruct the training system according to the demand of intelligent logistics talents; To cultivate students' innovative ability through various channels; To strengthen the study and application of new intelligent logistics technology; To build a "double-qualified" team of intelligent logistics teachers.


Intelligent logistics, logistics management major, talent demand, teaching reform