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Research on Teaching Model Reform based on Outcome Based Education

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.033


Hongyan Liu

Corresponding Author

Hongyan Liu


As an emerging educational concept, OBE has achieved good results in guiding teaching design, curriculum system, learning objectives and teacher team building. Based on the theoretical basis of OBE, this paper analyzes the OBE structure framework consisting of four processes: “defining learning output, realizing learning output, evaluating learning output, and using learning output”. The paper proposes an OBE-based teaching model reform measure: Emphasizing knowledge integration, constructing a perfect professional curriculum system; innovating teaching methods, fully realizing two transformations in the teaching process; giving play to the advantages of school-enterprise cooperation, innovating the development of production and education, and the development path of collaborative education; playing the role of teaching evaluation, building adaptation OBE's talent development evaluation system.


Outcome - based education, OBE, teaching model, reform measures