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Research on Teaching Reform of Computer Major Oriented by Core Accomplishments

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.032


Li Tai

Corresponding Author

Li Tai


Key accomplishments are a combination of students' knowledge, skills, emotions, attitudes and values. In the process of computer major education, key accomplishments are transformed into scientific literacy, and the computer professionals who meet the needs of the society are transported to promote the comprehensive development of the economy and society. Based on the composition of the core quality of computer major, this paper proposes the core quality-oriented teaching reform suggestions for computer major in view of the existing problems in the teaching of computer major: The design of teaching objectives reflects basic cultural qualities; To guide students to conduct in-depth inquiry learning; To establish a practical teaching system based on school-enterprise cooperation; To integrate core competence training into curriculum teaching; To strengthen the construction of "double-qualified" computer teachers.


Key accomplishments, computer major, teaching reform, compositions, problems, proposals