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Innovative Development Paths on Industry-education Integration and Collaborative Education for Applied Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.031


Dongwei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Dongwei Zhang


Economic development has entered a new state, the relationship between talent supply and demand has undergone profound changes, and in the face of profound adjustments in economic structure and accelerated industrial upgrading, especially the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies, and the structural contradictions in higher education have become more prominent, the state has proposed a Important decision-making arrangements to guide the transformation of ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities into application. The application of colleges and universities to deepen the industry-education integration and to educate people is of great significance for talent cultivation, higher education development and industrial structure optimization and upgrading. This paper deeply analyzes the problems existing in the industry-education integration in applied universities, and puts forward the innovative development path of application-oriented colleges and universities to integrate and educate people, to guide the transformation and development of applied universities, and to comprehensively improve and develop the economic and social development and innovation drive of school service areas.


Applied universities, industry-education integration, collaborative education, innovative development paths