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Research on Physical Training of Badminton Players

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.030


Chunfeng Mao

Corresponding Author

Chunfeng Mao


Physical fitness is an important basis for improving the level of special technology, and also an effective means to prevent sports injuries. With the continuous improvement of the level of modern badminton sports, the requirements for athletes’ physical fitness are also getting higher and higher. Badminton sports physical fitness has the characteristics of non-periodicity, rapid explosive strength and rapid change. Intensive physical training includes special training of strength, special training of speed and special training of endurance. In view of the characteristics of badminton physical fitness, the comprehensive use of intensive physical training methods, with reference to previous research results, this paper puts forward the strategy of badminton athletes physical fitness training: Adhere to the scientific principles of physical training; Physical training should be premised on not harming the body; Constantly improve the basic skills of badminton; Strengthen sensitive and flexible quality training; Attach great importance to physical functional training.


Badminton, athletes, physical training