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Research on Practical Teaching Mode of Tourism English Major

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.027


Chuang Ding

Corresponding Author

Chuang Ding


Reforming the practical teaching mode of the tourism English major is an urgent requirement for adapting to the development of tourism in the new era. In order to realize the training goal of tourism English major, the problems of practical teaching of tourism English major are analyzed. The practical teaching system consisting of classroom practice, intramural training and off-campus training is constructed. The practical teaching scheme of tourism English major is proposed: optimization and integration Relevant courses, highlighting practical teaching links; innovative practical teaching methods to improve students' vocational skills; incorporating professional skills appraisal into professional curriculum; taking the win-win mechanism as the premise, taking the road of school-enterprise cooperation; innovative practice teaching assessment mode, Ensuring the quality of practical teaching; building a "double-type" teacher team to improve teachers' compound teaching ability.


Tourism English major, practical teaching mode, teaching system, teaching scheme