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Strategies on Two-way Cultural Integration for Overseas Students Education in China under the "One Belt and One Road" Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.026


Hong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Hong Zhou


The cultural education for foreign students in China is based on cultural knowledge as a starting point, cultural awareness as a bridge, and cultural understanding for the purpose of a gradual process. The two-way cultural integration is an urgent problem to be solved in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. There is no unified method at present. The combination strategy proposed in this study is as follows: the combination of cultural teaching and language teaching, the combination of traditional culture and contemporary culture, the combination of explicit culture and recessive culture, the combination of theoretical teaching and social practice, the combination of Chinese culture and Western culture, the combination of semantic culture and pragmatic culture, the cultivation of intercultural communication skills, the practical design of teaching programs, and the full use of modern educational technology, To play the role of the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language.


"One Belt and One Road" construction, overseas students, two-way cultural, cultural integration, strategies