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Research on the reconstruction of classroom teaching mode in undergraduate colleges and universities with the integration of "Flipped Classroom and PAD class"

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.019


Mo Tiansheng, Li Gan

Corresponding Author

Mo Tiansheng


In the new era, it is urgent to promote the reform of undergraduate classroom teaching mode. The traditional undergraduate college classroom is "teacher-centered", which emphasizes lecturing and students are in a passive accepting position. The separation of teaching and learning and the weakening of teaching function seriously restrict the improvement of talent cultivation quality. Based on the respective characteristics of the two popular modes of " Flipped Classroom” and “PAD class”, the fusion basis of the two modes is analyzed: highlighting the guiding ideology of "two-subject" classroom reform, taking students as the teaching center, emphasizing personalized learning and independent learning, etc. The classroom teaching mode of " Flipped Classroom”and “PAD class” in undergraduate colleges and universities integrates the advantages of modern information technology and face-to-face teaching, promotes students' independent learning, strengthens the full interaction between teachers and students, students and students, and combines innovative assessment methods, so as to achieve the improvement of classroom efficiency and classroom teaching effect.


Flipped classroom, PAD class, Fusion, Classroom teaching model