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A Survey of Current Situation of Educational Concepts——A Case Study of Kindergarten Teachers in Urban Areas of Chongqing under Combination of Excel with SPSS Software

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.015


Dongya Song, Xin Zhao, Qian Guo, and Fang Tan

Corresponding Author

Fang Tan


The paper includes the survey of the present situation of teachers' educational concept in kindergartens, the analysis of factors restricting its development according to the research results, and further suggestions and reflections in the future. Random sampling method has been employed, combing with the usage of Excel, SPSS17.0SPSS data statistics and analysis software, in order to collate data and analyze samples in an effective way, and 18 kindergarten teachers in the main urban areas of Chongqing have been selected as sample. The results show that 77.7% of kindergarten teachers are aged between 17 and 27 years old, 65.3% of kindergarten teachers are below the undergraduate level, 85.5% of kindergarten teachers have a monthly income of 0-4500 RMB, and kindergarten teachers have a strong demand for professional knowledge, professional skills and educational concepts. Educational suggestions such as to enhance the educational background of kindergarten teachers; to strengthen the training of kindergarten teachers; to attach importance to autonomous learning of kindergarten teachers; and to improve the reflective ability of kindergarten teachers are put forward at the end.


Kindergarten teachers, Teachers' educational concepts, SPSS Software