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Research on the Design of Autonomous Multi-language Learning in the Information Age

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.013


Jinghua Li, Chenchen Wu, Jiewen Huang, and Yuhan Guo

Corresponding Author

Jinghua Li


Facing with the information era, we are affected in all aspects, among which the autonomous learning and language learning come first -- the former features informatization, and the latter features multilingualism. In view of this phenomenon, we hereby study the autonomous learning method of multilingual under the information technology, and the training of multilingual talents. This paper explained the concept of autonomous learning and analyzed the way to realize effective autonomous learning. It revealed some common difficulties in independent language learning by interviews. And the main influencing factors of language transfer and application are analyzed. By combining the research results with the present analysis, we summarized some suitable methods of autonomous learning for non-language major learners. Through this research, we can better understand the current situation of autonomous learning of multilingual learners, the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional autonomous learning method as well as the autonomous learning method of multilingual learners in the information age, making contributions to the development of language learning. We also hope that our research results may provide more talents for the human community development. The application and pervasion of multiple languages will surely help with world peace.


Autonomous learning, Language learning, Informatization, Multilingual