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Research on the Development of Minority Sports Resources and School-based Sports Courses Based on Industrial Integration

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.004


Shichao Wang

Corresponding Author

Shichao Wang


Under the current educational situation, physical education is an effective form to improve students' physical quality, physical fitness level, sports personality, sports skills and sports moral character. Physical education should explore the educational nature of school-based curriculum resources to the greatest extent. Ethnic minority sports resources play an important role in inheriting sports culture in school education and physical education teaching. With people's increasing attention to national culture and sports activities, school-based curriculum of minority sports resources has been developed. This is not only conducive to the development of minority sports, but also meets the needs of the times and has important theoretical and practical value. Based on the integration of industries, this paper analyzes that the integration of ethnic minority sports into the school physical education class is a problem needed by the new curriculum reform, and a reasonable exploration of ethnic minority sports resources culture can effectively mobilize students' interest and enthusiasm in learning.


Industry Integration, Minority Sports Resources, Curriculum Development