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Research on the Combination of Ideological and Political Education and Mental Health Education for College Students Based on Network Community

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.003


Shuxin Wang, Wenjun Li

Corresponding Author

Shuxin Wang


With the deepening of China's economic system reform, the trend of world economic globalization is expanding, especially with the increasing popularity of the Internet, people's social life has undergone dramatic changes. College network community has become an important carrier of information dissemination and ideological exchange in Colleges and universities, especially college students have basically become participants in the network community. In order to carry out ideological and political education for college students in cyberspace, we need to re-examine the changes in the relationship between subject and object, the differences between platforms and elements, and the construction of discourse system. The development and construction of network community provides a platform for sharing resources for ideological and political education, and provides high-quality resources for ideological and political education of college students through the integration of resources through network. The ideological and political education under the new situation of the Internet has put forward higher requirements for contemporary mental health educators, and has also brought new ways, new ideas and new means.


Network Community, Ideological and Political Education, Mental Health