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Theoretical Exploration and Practical Analysis of Hybrid Engineering-based Talents Training Mode based on Internet Business Major

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2019.001


Gong Xiangwei

Corresponding Author

Gong Xiangwei


The cultivation of high-quality skilled personnel is the essential requirement for the development of higher vocational education and the central work of higher vocational colleges. The reform and innovation of the talent training mode of higher vocational education must clearly clarify the orientation of high-level skilled talents, highlighting the purpose of the talent training model, subject diversity, connotation level, practicality and diversity. In the practice of personnel training, higher vocational colleges can establish the concept of compound “professional ability” talent training, construct a curriculum teaching system that highlights the characteristics of regional national culture, and explore the ability-training model of “work-study combination, project-oriented”. The system of “double-skilled” quality teachers and training bases


Hybrid Engineering, Training Mode, Internet Business